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Reviews for Three Ways to Be Brave




October 1, 2021

I loved this uplifting book! Great stories, beautiful art. Who doesn’t need help being brave?? Makes a wonderful gift.

KIRKUS REVIEW, July 1, 2021


Fear and anxiety are difficult, overwhelming emotions for children. In order to help them grapple with such big feelings, this book focuses on bravery, not fear, and supports a growth mindset.

This gentle, quiet book presents three stories about times when young children are given opportunities to be brave: “Under the Covers” (about a thunderstorm), “Nervous Belly” (the first day of school), and “Got the Jitters” (a well-child visit to the doctor). In each story, a child protagonist faces a triggering situation and must decide how to handle their feelings. In the first story, a child presenting as Black makes the brave choice to check on and comfort a baby sister instead of going to their parents’ room during a thunderstorm, an act that is beneficial to both of them. In “Got the Jitters,” a kid with tan skin and straight, brown hair is terrified of receiving a shot. A nurse counsels his patient to “use your brain / to ease the pain!” and the reluctant patient imagines riding a bike. Once relaxed, the child receives the shot and gets to pick a sticker to recognize the feat. These and the other messages about bravery are relayed authentically and accessibly. The characters exemplify ways that children can draw on their own inner resources and effort to meet a challenge. The comforting, full-bleed illustrations are composed in warm colors that sync perfectly with the story, which is conveyed in rhyming couplets. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

An insightful and sensitive introduction to what it means to be brave. (Picture book. 3-5)



Preschool Teacher and B&N bookseller

September 26, 2021

Oh my goodness what a precious children's book. I LOVE the simple rhymes and the completely relatable scenarios. A great book to read to children to help them understand that they are not alone in their fearful feelings and let them know that it will be ok. My favorite Karla Clark children's book to date!! This title touched me! 

REVIEW BY BROOKE VITALE, Author/Editor/Reviewer

September 27, 2021

Children all want to be strong. They all want to be courageous. They all want to be brave. But being brave isn’t always so easy, especially when faced with uncomfortable or scary situations. And let’s be honest. What parent hasn’t woken up to a child standing over them during a thunderstorm or held the hand of a child who doesn’t want a shot at the doctor’s office? I certainly have dealt with both, and many more fears, which is why T*h*ree Ways to Be Brave by Karla Clark resonates so strongly.

A unique picture book, Three Ways to Be Brave masterfully offers up a trio of stories showing children recognizing and confronting their fear. Told in short bursts of rhyme, this story encourages children to find the good in any situation and to recognize that even things that seem scary may not be so bad, after all. While the language is simplistic, the concept certainly is not and Karla Clark does a fantastic job of conveying the fear children feel.

Beautiful art by illustrator Jeff Östberg complements the story perfectly, making it a visual masterpiece that is sure to appeal to parents and children alike.






October 20, 20201

What does bravery look a thunderstorm? ...On the first day of school? the doctor's?

Let's  just say I got this book over the weekend and my girls and I have already read it SEVEN times! My oldest, who is 7, loved that it rhymed and to top it off she was able to read the whole book to her little sister and I. This book is cute and simple and it shows children that they are not alone in their fears. My daughter and I were able to have a conversation on how this book related to her and her sister. The artwork is beautiful and displays diversity, which is important. I'd highly recommend this book for the little ones.


August, 2021

Striking, stylish spreads by debut illustrator Östberg supply heft and drama for three stories in simplistic rhyming couplets by Clark (You Be Daddy). In the first, a Black child in space pajamas dashes to their parents’ room when a thunderstorm approaches, then changes tacks when a younger sister cries: “Tearful sob/ turn the knob.// Baby sis/ Hug and kiss.” Östberg drafts with silkscreen-like contours in nighttime blues and lavenders splashed with a bright pink-orange. In the second tale, a Black child who’s nervous about the first day at school (“Nervous belly,/ Toast with jelly”) finds fun and makes a new friend: “Time for art: / Decorate hearts.// One for me/ And one for Bree!” In the third, a white child melts down at the doctor’s when it’s time for a shot (“Scream and hit/ And throw a fit”) until the nurse demonstrates how to use mental imagery to sail through an injection. In straightforward language and saturated, unlined digital art, each story offers an object lesson on the way that occupying a mind with other concerns can drive fear away. Ages 3–5. (Aug.)



September 28, 2021

Have you ever read a story that has you put the book down, close your eyes, and your hand gently drifts toward your chest because it just touches your heart? ... This is the way this book made me feel. The first story is my absolute favorite. And there's more! This book truly inspires little girls loved it!! A perfect gift for any child.


KATIE WEAVER, Author, Bookseller

December, 2021

We loved having three short stories, the perfect length for a bedtime-read-aloud to enjoy three nights in a row! Three relatable stories for children written in punchy and simple rhyme. My children enjoyed this book very much (they’re 3&5) and when they picked up this book today on their own I had to snap a picture and leave a review. I also, especially, loved the diversity and inclusive nature of the stories. A book that’s for all children.

Reviews for Fear Not!


“Fear Not! helps kids understand their anxiety and provides tools kids can try right away.” 

―Tina Payne Bryson, PhD, coauthor of The Whole-Brain Child

“One of the most common emotions children experience is fear. Fear Not! is a wonderfully illustrated, rhyming book that teaches your child how to start confronting and coping with their fears. Fears and worries can often cause children to feel alone and isolated, but Christina Furnival’s book encourages honest discussions and normalizes the experience. Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your child’s fears, this book provides tools for coping and alleviating concerns.”

—Brie Turns, PhD, MFT, author of I Will Always Love You

“Fear and anxiety are an inevitable part of life, and what parent or professional doesn’t want to give their child the tools to work through their fears with confidence and skill? In Fear Not!, Christina Furnival masters the art of rhyming in an incredibly thoughtful and empowering book that both validates a child’s experience and gives them the tools to face fear and anxiety head-on. The conversation starters and discussion questions are the icing on the cake. This fearless book will quickly become your go-to tool to bust through anxiety—so do yourself a favor and run to get this book! I can’t wait to use it with my own children and in my clinical practice.”


—Andrea Dorn, MSW, LISW-CP, author of the Mindful Steps series, including When Someone Dies: A Children’s Mindful How-To Guide on Grief and Loss

My kids and I love this beautiful book! Fear Not offers young people a gentle way to find true freedom by facing their fears.  


-—Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, co-author of The CBT Deck for Kids and Teens

“Empowerment is the overriding message in this relatable story of a young boy’s struggle with anxiety. By weaving the essential components of anxiety management into a lyrical but powerful narrative, Christina Furnival has created a resource that will help worried children feel less alone and gain both competence and confidence. It is a terrific introduction for teaching children—especially those who are anxious or distressed—how to practice mindfulness in their daily lives.”


—Steven P. O’Brien, PsyD

"I LOVE this book so much and will absolutely share this with my children, one who is particularly prone to anxiety and big fears. I appreciate how the story is told from a child, to a child. I think it’s incredibly useful to explore what doesn’t work when it comes to managing anxiety, and I think Christina highlighted those things really well here. And the simple step-by-step plan for kids to follow makes so much sense and feels doable. So thankful Christina created this incredible resource!"


—Kate Borsato, therapist, educator for moms, founder of the Perinatal Mental Health Collective, and Instagram public figure at @KateBorsato

Fear Not! not only normalizes anxiety for kids who feel alone with their fears, it also provides step-by-step guidance with a completely child-centric, empowering approach. This lovely, approachable guide shows children how to identify when they're feeling worried, it shows them what to do about it!”


—Whitney Casares, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.P., Author of The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting Without Losing Yourself

Fear Not! is a beautifully compassionate exploration of anxiety. With a loving voice and gorgeous illustrations, this book offers children a way to manage their fear and embrace their strength, while reminding them that they are not alone. I’ll be sharing it often with my own children.”

—Jennifer Cohen Harper, MA, E-RCYT, founder of Little Flower Yoga, author of Thank You Body, Thank You Heart

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